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Bike from Oregon to Virginia, June/July 1999

Yes, a bike trip from Oregon to Virginia (through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky)!

Although I spent a bit of time agonizing about it, the decision was easy.  When someone asks you to join them on a cross country bike trip, you go.  Ask anyone about a summer they spent hanging around their hometown, what will they remember?  Pose the same question to someone who spent June and July pedaling across the United States and I guarantee a smile will creep across their face.  For me, as time passes, my smile broadens.

What follows are the letters that I wrote to Emily (who is now my wife) during my cross-country trip that took place during the summer of 1999.  For the most part the text is exactly as I wrote it down, save spelling errors and minor editing over 4 years later when I found the time to decipher my scrawl and make an electronic record.  I hope you enjoy the reading about my adventure and that it inspires you in your own endeavors, whatever they may be.













This is the original transcontinental bike route of 1976, which is the same path that we followed.  I must confess that I found this rendering on the internet, at some guys site who is from Washington.  We must have been 3 or 4 days into the trip before I had time to look at the maps (we only had one set) to see where in the heck we where headed.

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