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Las Vegas / Flagstaff / Sedona / Winslow / Grand Canyon, Christmas 2000  

To round out the year I flew to southern California and joined Emily and her family for Christmas in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay.  After a few day of sin City Emily and I drove to Flagstaff, Arizona and puttered around the area.  We explored Sedona, Winslow and Meteor Crater.  Next we drove to the Grand Canyon and hiked down the South Kaibab Trail to the Phantom Ranch and pitched our tent.  While in the sun it was it was warm and pleasant but once set, it got really cold and that night and the following night we were quite chilly.  After another day in the canyon we left early on December 31 for the long trip home.  We managed to hike the 10 miles up the Bright Angel Trail in 5 hours and then we drove, and drove, and drove.  We didnít plan on it, but we ended up driving all the way to Los Angeles on the day we hiked out of the Grand Canyon.  Our last meal of the year was at Emilyís favorite Japanese restaurant, Tokyo Tokyo.  When the New Year rang in we were sound asleep.

Las Vegas
Sedona / Winslow / Meteor Crater
Grand Canyon