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Emigrant Wilderness, July 2001 

So thoroughly did I enjoy my trip last year to this area with Henrik that I tried, and failed, to recreate the magic with Emily.  My first mistake was trying to get to the same campsite on the first day that Henrik and I reached.  It was a bit much for Emily and it was also quite a bit warmer than last year, so she suffered.  We did find a nice campsite but had a little mosquito problem.  Our site was on a bluff, with good visibility and ventilation, so mosquitoes were not a problem there.  However, to get water we had to walk down to the creek, and Emily made the mistake of doing just that wearing only shoes!  The mosquitoes ate well.

Early the next day we made it to the wonderful swimming hole that Henrik and I swam at on our first day last year.  However, the water was so much lower than last year that we couldn’t even really swim in it.  We pitched our tent in the same spot but since we were there earlier in the day it was very hot and uncomfortable.  But the mosquitoes were out, so we had to stay in the tent.  Aggrrhhh.  We spent the remainder of the day baking in the tent waiting for the sun to set.  The next morning we hiked out and drove back to the Bay Area.