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22nd December 2007: Great China Restaurant and PJ

Tonight, for the first time, we went out to eat with PJ.  Our restaurant of choice was Great China in downtown Berkeley, just a few blocks towards the campus from the BART station.  Since it was crowded, and they didn't take a reservation for us since we were only 5 (or 6 with PJ), we had to wait about 1/2 hour to be seated and then spent 1-1/2 hours eating.  He was a bit fussy before we were seated, then nursed once while waiting for food, but spent the remainder of the time sleeping.  The restaurant is known for Peking Duck, I liked it, but more importantly, so did Em, her brother, and parents.  At the end of the meal I opened a fortune cookie for PJ which read:

Customize your own message.  Call: (510) 835-0520.  Ask for David.

Oops, the other side said:

A romantic mystery will soon add interest to your life.

Hmm.  The pictures below were taken a few days later, December 29th specifically, when Melissa and Isabella came over.

Emily, Isabella, PJ, and Melissa.  Note the gun trained on PJ by the Storm Trooper.


More fun with Mommies and babies.

"I'll take this one" says Isabella!  For a high resolution version of this image click here.

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