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Alone with Daddy: 10 April 2008

Tomorrow, a Thursday, I will leave work early and arrive home around 3 pm.  About 1/2 hour after I get home Em will go to Chez Panisse to work a night shift and will not be home until after 11 pm.  This will be the first time I have been alone with PJ for such an extended period and, quite frankly, I'm scared out of my mind! 

If all goes well he'll have just been fed and napping when I get home.  I'll play with him when he gets up and probably take him for a walk.  6 pm will signal bath time followed by feeding then a good tight swaddling for bedtime.  I don't pray, but really hope he goes to sleep without too much crying.  Around the time Mom comes home she'll probably find me giving him his 11 pm meal.


Night with Daddy was successful.  PJ fought his 'around 4 pm' nap (I let him cry for 1/2 hour in the crib), but after that we played until bath time at 6 pm.  After the bath, while he was drying on the counter, I was warming his milk in a water bath on the stove and when I turned back to see him he had rolled from his back to his side and seemed very close to falling off the counter.  Oops.  Bad Daddy.  After sucking down more than 6 ounces of mother's milk I swaddled him, put him in the crib and kept putting his binky in his mouth until he fell asleep.  It took a while as he was super chatty but he didn't cry once.  He slept until 11 pm when I fed him his second 6 ounce bottle, finishing just before Mommy came home.

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