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24 June 2008: Rough Night for Daddy

Em has gone back to work three days/week at Chez Panisse for the summer so Daddy is on patrol.  Tonight was my first night alone with the little guy since April and he's changed so much I was once again apprehensive, and for good reason.

First off, right when I was about to put him in his bath I got 'bad tummy' and was forced to the toilet while he watched with amusement from the exer-saucer.  After a pleasant bath we settled in bed for mommy's milk. He quickly downed about half of his 6-ounce allotment then seemed to lose interest so I picked him up for gentle burping at which point he vomited all over my shirt, regained his composure, then projectile vomited the remaining contents of his little (pretty big actually) tummy all over the bed, soaking through not just the duvet cover but into the comforter as well.

Poor little guy I thought.  I'll deal with that after you've finished your remaining milk and are fast asleep.  And that was what happened, he finished the remaining milk, and I once again picked him up for gentle burping and once again he projectile vomited all over my shirt and his.  Aggggrrrhhhh!

Now frustrated, and mad at mommy for not telling the neighbor not to feed him before I got home, I stripped off both our shirts, wiped the vomit off of him, put him in a new shirt, and endeavored to put him to bed.  He would have none of it and I left him in his crib crying while I stripped the bed, put the duvet and comforter in the washer, and then headed to the shower to the sounds of him crying.  While soaping off and grumbling I realized I hadn't raised the side of the crib to its full height and that made me even more upset for being such a lousy Daddy.

Then it got quiet, and upon exiting the shower I found him fast asleep on him tummy.  Total crying time was less than 10 minutes.  I can handle this, after all, he's pretty much the best little guy ever.

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