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5 September 2009: 21 Months

The highlight of August for both PJ and Mommy/Daddy was spending a glorious week in Santa Barbara with Uncle Will.  Here are some of the highlights.  Click here and here to see Quicktime movies of PJ going down the slide and playing on the swing at the playground near Willís house.

This is best photo taken of PJ to date.  It has not been edited in any way.  As it was taken with Willís iPhone, a high resolution version is not available.


Letís do that again but this time with a shirt on. 


Daddy likes to toss PJ, and PJ like to be tossed.


Willís house up on the mesa is just a short ride from the beach.  PJ didnít like the helmet very much.


Another shot that will haunt PJ during his teenage years.  Here we are walking back to Will's house from the playground on the bluff overlooking the ocean.


Mommy and PJ on the carousel down by the beach in Santa Barbara.  Thus far, PJ has been on the following "round and rounds": Oakland Zoo, Tilden Park in Berkeley, Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and Santa Barbara.


PJ likes to try on shoes.


PJ and the bear at 21 months.  Click here for a high resolution version of this photo.

Towards the end of September, during his nightly bath, PJ surprised both Mommy and Daddy by clearly saying "PJ", his sixth word.  Despite much coaxing, it was not repeated that night nor anytime since.  His first words were:

1st Word: Ma Ma
2nd Word: Da Da
3rd Word: Eu (Mandarin for fish)
4th Word: Nun (similar to Mandarin word for light, Dun)
5th Word: Woo Woo (for dog)
6th Word: PJ

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