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May 2010: 2 Years, 5 Months

Two conversations between PJ and Mommy...

"Mama, Jelly Beans, Mama?"
"We don't have any."
"Buy some!"

"Mama, Cookies, Mama?"
"We don't have any."
"Make some!"

Other highlights of May include:

  • PJ sings the itsy bitsy spider song but substitutes "passer" for "spider".  The first line ususally sounds like, "Itsy passer, water pout..."
  • Mommy smacked Daddy on the hand during dinner, in full view of PJ, so Mommy had a "Time-Out Two Minutes", much to the delight of PJ.
  • On the 20th, PJ made a 5.7 ounce poop and Daddy took a photo and weighed it.
  • During his bath, PJ found an "acorn" in the tub.  Further investigation revealed the acorn to be a hard nugget of poop.
  • "Sour Winds" is now PJ's preferred way to refer to passing gas.
  • PJ has learned that the cap to his bubbles, which we often play with in the bath, fits nicely over his pee-pee.
  • Walking up walls, with Daddy's assistance, is a new favorite pastime.
PJ and Mommy.


PJ and Lau Lau sharing a shake at Barney's in Berkeley.  Shortly after this photo was taken, PJ threw up all over the sidewalk.  Click here for a high resolution version of this photo.


Grandpa, Grandma and PJ enjoying lemonade and cookies in Felton.


At the doctor's office in Berkeley and the visitor center at Henry Cowell Redwood State Park in Felton.


Enjoying hot chocolate on two separate occasions in Santa Cruz.  Note the warning on the high chair.

New shades replace the missing "Thomas" sunglasses.  Elsewhere, Grandma shares PJ's new "Bill and Ted's" portable crib.

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