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2011 August to December
Including Mei-Mei's First Birthday and PJ's

Movie Links:
Mei Mei's first Birthday (29 MB, 2 minute 39 second Quicktime Movie)
PJ and MM in Kitchen (5 MB, 27 second Quicktime Movie)
MM Draws (3 MB, 16 second Quicktime Movie)
PJ's 4th Birthday (16 MB, 43 second Quicktime Movie)

I certainly got behind on the website...I'll try to do better next year.

  • Click here for a pdf of a letter that Grandma and Grandpa sent to PJ at the end of July.

  • On August 28th during PJ's bath I left the room and several minutes later PJ came out totally naked and totally dry.  This was perplexing since the towels were out of his reach.  When queried as to how he dried himself he took me to the bathroom and demonstrated his "rolling on the bathmat" technique.

  • On September 20th MeiMei asked for "juice more."

  • On September 28th the insulation for the addition was installed and the workers brought in 122 sheets of drywall, all of it 5/8" thick, some sheets 12 feet long.  What does this have to do with PJ and MeiMei?

  • On October 4th PJ said to Mama, "I don't like you.  You're always telling me no."

  • On October 11th, PJ and Mama had the following exchange:
         PJ: "MeiMei is a menace, right Mama?"
         Mama: "Yes, but you were also a menace at this age."
         PJ: "Yeah, that's right, but now I'm taller."

  • On November 4th PJ said, ""Jenny, can we bake cookies and have a tea party?"  Not unexpectedly, both events occurred soon thereafter.

PJ and MM at Rusty and Courtney's wedding.


Wedding cupcakes.


PJ and MM in Rowland Heights in August.


Daddy is back with the family after a backpacking trip.


MM and E-Lau-Lau.


Lau-Lau's Birthday.


MM with Super Lau-Lau.


Helping Tim with the faucet.


This is the first time I've seen MM with a binkie.  PJ didn't use one either.


PJ on the mountain lion at the Tilden Wilderness Center.


MM on the mountain lion at the Tilden Wilderness Center.


MM flips off the camera!   I like this shot due to the Storm Trooper and liquor shelf.


Stuck in the 'exer-saucer' at my own birthday!


Birthday cupcakes.


Dino-present from the Lin's.


MM is excited to see the Tintin movie.


PJ and his pile of birthday presents.


Opening presents.

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